30 days of RV living.

I have to share that living in this RV is even better than I expected. YES, better! Definitely took me some time to figure out where to put things, but I still have empty cabinets because this RV is spacious. Cleaning is so quick and easy, like seriously! Us and the dogs are in heaven out here on the land; the views are absolutely amazing. Selling our house was a blessing and now only having one property to maintain feels like winning the lottery. I do miss soaking in my bathtub something fierce (mermaid at heart), but the next one coming will be worth the wait. This RV will be for sale when we build the house, so reach out if you are in the market or know someone. #rvthereyet #simplify #plentyofspace #doweevenwanttobuild #yeswedo #debruhlfarm #weweatheredahurricanetoo


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