To buy, or not to buy.

That was the question! In 2012, we had started looking for land, but just could not seem to find the right piece of property. At that time, Jeff had just started a new job, I was in graduate school for my MSN in Nursing Education, our son was in college, our oldest daughter was in high school, and our youngest daughter was in middle school. Needless to say, we were not in a hurry and knew the timing, plus the spot would have to be perfect! Time passed, as time does, and in January of 2017 while having a conversation with our youngest girl about graduating high school early, we decided it was time to start looking for land again. Jeff was settled in his new career, I had earned my MSN degree, both older children were out of the house, and the youngest was planning to move down east after graduation; the timing seemed right! We researched land for sale, drove around, drove some more, looked at properties, drove to the next town, looked some more, but just could not find what we were looking for. Then, we found it! We both were drawn to this particular lot even though I was trying very hard not to want it. We were looking for 3-5 acres, so 14.5 was just a bit bigger than planned. We liked the land, but didn’t want to get too excited and get our hopes up. Pray, wait, trust became our mantra.

14.5 acres of beautiful land in Zebulon, NC!